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ACT! Emails to Outlook Conversion

Convert ACT! iml, aml, and ACT! Emails Databases to Outlook!

We convert:

  • Your ACT! Internet Mail (.ima, .iml) to Outlook .msg tree structure
  • ACT! SQL Email Database into Outlook .msg Tree Structure
  • ACT! Emails in the Attachments folder into Outlook .msg files 

What get converted?

  • The email received date and sent date are maintained
  • The email To and From recipients are maintained.
  • All text in the email is maintained.
  • All HTML text (if any) is maintained.
  • All attachments in the email are converted as well. If the attachment is a .iml or .ima file, that file gets converted as well.
  • Our goal is to convert the email in such a way that any ACT! dependencies are removed and all you need is Outlook. In addition, all the addressing information such as From and To and CC information are converted as well. Basically, the email will look as if it was sent from Outlook.

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What our customers said about our email conversions:

"Tom, thank you for the great email conversion that you did for us. I couldn't believe it when I opened the email and all the attachments had been converted as well! Again, thank you.

Paul Sycamore, PA, USA"

"You guys did it! All the emails came over into Outlook, including the directory structure. Awesome.

John Stapleton, MI, USA"

How long does it take?

In general, it takes about 2 business days to do the conversion. Make sure you purchase and get into the conversion schedule. Otherwise

Before you order the full conversion, read below the steps that you should take before you order the conversion:

Find out the total number of emails you want converted.

  1. ACT! Internet Email: right click on the properties for the Internet Email Folder and it will state the total number of emails in the folder.
  2. ACT! SQL Email Database: If you don't know the number of emails, just send us the data and we can look at the database and tell you the total number of emails that need to be converted.
  3. ACT! Emails Attachments: right click on the properties option for the attachments folder and the total number of emails/files is then listed.
  4. If you do not know how to perform the functions above, then just copy the emails into a zip file and send it to us. Make sure you contact us first for the address to sent the data to.

Once you know the number of emails you want to convert, these are the steps you need to take:

  1. Purchase the conversion from the button below and instructions are sent to you on how to provide us with your Emails in a .zip file.
  2. Send us your Emails in a  .zip file. This is either done via upload (if .zip is less than 1GB) or via snail mail/Fedex/UPS if the zip file is larger than 1GB. The US address to send it to is in the email that we send you.
  3. Download the converted emails. If the resulting conversion is less that 1GB, we will send you download instructions. However, if the conversion is larger than 1GB, we'll send you a DVD with all the data.
  4. Mount the .pst into your Outlook. Once you have the resulting file, follow the instructions we provide to install it on your system. Quite simple, really


Purchase your ACT! Email Conversion Now