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ACT! to BCM Conversion

Check out our videos about the results of our ACT! to BCM Conversion. These videos are in HD so if you want to watch them in HD, just click on the maximize button

What we bring from ACT! to BCM ACT! Data in BCM 2007 ACT! Data in BCM 2010

Version of ACT! Supported: ALL versions of ACT! including ACT! 2011

Version of BCM Supported: BCM 2007 and 2010

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Did you know?

  • ALL of ACT! to BCM conversions fail using the tools provided with BCM.
  •  There are more consultants fired and sued by their failure to convert ACT! to BCM than any other conversion.
  • There is no conversion software commercially available that converts ACT! to BCM without great loss of data.
  •  90% (if not all) of your ACT! data (history, notes, drop-down menus, attachments, etc.) will be lost if you use the built-in BCM conversion tool.
  •  We use 7 tools that we have developed in-house to do an ACT! to BCM Conversion. These tools ensure proper data conversion that deliver a BCM database that is fast and efficient.
  •  act-conversion-services.com is the primary ACT! to BCM conversion service in the world! We convert on average 5 databases/week from a multitude of companies ranging from singe user to over 100 user databases.
  •  The cost of our conversion service is small compared to the loss of productivity and time from a bad conversion. Our estimate is 10X.

What Our Customers Say (we like to brag...)

"You guys are fantastic! How did you manage to do something that Microsoft cannot even come close! My sales team started to use BCM the moment the conversion was finished and nobody complained about missing emails or data! Great job! I'll recommend you to everyone that wants this done, anywhere.

Paul Hopkins, Boston, USA"

"Thank you for doing our conversion. It was impressive seeing all the contacts being converted into BCM without loss of data, ownership or files. Even more impressive was not losing ACT! emails and documents. I love having all my user defined fields in BCM. Great job, you made my life so much easier!

Cindy Gonzales, Hollywood, USA"

"I was skeptical when I contacted you to do my data conversion. However, the way you managed to link and convert attachments, documents, emails, and even history ownership, was something that I have never seen accomplished by a 3rd party conversion company. It was obvious that you wrote all the applications you used to perform these great feats. I have 3 more customers that need your conversion and I will be recommending them to you.

David Skinner, London, UK"

"act-conversion-services.com provided us with the conversion service from ACT! 2005 to Outlook BCM 2007. They performed an effective and efficient customized-to-our-specific-requirements conversion with no down time on our end and no data issues. The conversion was done around our schedule and on time.  They gave us everything that we needed, period.

Ken Sanders, Canada."

"We found your web site when we wanted to convert our data from ACT! to BCM. However we decided to go with a competing service that was cheaper than yours. After spending a few hundred dollars and many frustrating hours, all we received was the contact information. No history, attachments, activities, notes or even opportunities! The vendor stated that "your ACT! database is corrupt". We needed all the other details...

We then contacted act-conversion-services.com. To state that the money we paid was well worth the price does not render your service a fair value. What we received was beyond what we expected. All the data came over with the appropriate links in addition to the conversion of ACT! Emails and Documents! Notes, History, Attachments, todos, calls, meetings, user defined fields, email addresses, even the proper ownership of who entered the item in ACT!. And beyond that, Group ownership came over as Outlook Categories.
 All my users are extremely happy with the conversion!

I know I should have gone with act-conversion-services.com from the very start. Needless to say, we are never again going to use the cheaper vendor again. I wish I could get a refund!
Tom and crew, keep up your excellent work!

John Andrews,
IS Director, MD, USA"

Purchase your ACT! to BCM Conversion Now

Why are our conversion services so great!

100% Guarantee! 100% Confidential! At our site or your site! Just the best for you.

Our goal is to bring over as much data to BCM as possible. If your data is important to you we are your conversion solution. You should contact us.

Notice: The software we use is all developed and maintained in-house.

Special Requests

Since the software we use has been developed by us and is maintained by us, we can convert just about anything into BCM. If you have .csv files with special requirements to import into BCM, we can do it. Our programming staff is one of the most multi-talented groups in California versed in over 7 operating systems and a multitude of file types.
No request is impossible! Contact us and we'll solve your conversion issues.

Special requests we've done for our customers

  • Mass change ownership within the BCM database from one owner of records to another.

  • Modification of "Modified dates" into actual dates

  • Modification of Attachments path

  • Modification and centralization of all attachments in the BCM History to a centralized location

  • Conversion of attachments i.e. ACT! .iml files into Outlook .msg files and deposit/change the file into a centralized and shared folder.

  • Reassignment of contact history to another contact

  • Cleanup i.e. delete useless records from BCM to increase speed. In some cases, we've increased the speed by a factor of 50!!!

  • and much more...

Why are ACT-To-BCM's Conversions the best?

  • Our conversions match your needs as close as possible. We try to match the ACT! data structure as close to the destination needs as possible.

  • Multi-user ownership of the items is identified and inserted into the subject line in the items being converted for easy, quick perusal.

  • Multi-user support of multiple individual folders for calendars and tasks.

  • Viewing format is easier with the modifications we make to the data being converted.

  • Native mode conversions makes the data fully portable within BCM so that you are not dealing with some extraneous database structure you are trying to import.

Local Conversions

Many of our customers prefer for us to do the conversion on their local system instead of converting the data at our site. We can do that. The cost of a local conversion is the cost of the conversion plus $175 hour for the local conversion time.

Weekend Conversions

We do weekend conversions. You provide us with the data on a Friday afternoon and we have it to you by Sunday evening, all converted.

Here's a couple of items re. weekend conversions.

  • You need to pre-arrange weekend conversions so that we have the correct staff for the conversion.

  • It is your responsibility to get the data to us by Saturday, 10am. If the data does not arrive by that time, your conversion will be delayed until we get the data.

  • It takes 2-3 days to convert the data. The sooner you get the data to us, the faster we will convert.

  • Once you schedule the conversion for the weekend, you may not cancel it or reschedule.

  • There is a 35% reschedule fee.

  • ALL ACT! and Attachments data have to be on our conversion station by 5pm, Friday, before the weekend. Remember, if you have a slow DSL and your data is 2 GB, it may take 24 hours to upload it.

  • You must provide us with 2 phone numbers to call during the weekend in case we have any questions.

  • Express mail. If your data larger than 1GB, you can send us the data with courier and it has to be here by 10am on Saturday, the latest. We provide you with the address at the time of purchase.

Just click on the weekend purchase button.

Any Questions? Click here to contact us.

Purchase your ACT! to BCM Conversion Now