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ACT! To CSV Conversion


What Gets Exported


The Activities table with links to your ACT! Contacts

- The Companies table with links to the contacts


The Contacts table with fields dedicated to the contact's notes, history, group affiliation and sales opportunities.


The Groups and Subgroups table with links to the contacts


The History Table with links to all the attachments with links to the contacts


The Notes Table with links to the contacts


The Opportunities Table with links to the contacts

- The Secondary Contacts table with links to the primary contacts
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Application Ready CSV Files

  The csv files we create have all the links necessary to import them in to a vast variety of applications from Salesforce.com, MSCRM, Outlook, BCM, and many others.

What a few of our customers say about our services:

"I stumbled upon Tom's service via Google and so I had a bit of healthy skepticism.  I was reluctantly switching from Act! 2000 to Outlook.  And I'd spent over 10 years highly customizing Act!, including moving, adding and renaming fields.  My 5,000ish contacts are truly the life-blood of my business.

I have to say that this was a tough conversion.  I'm not the most technical person out there and, because my Act! had been so customized, it required multiple conversions.  But Tom had guaranteed me that he'd get it right, and he did.  More importantly, he was always very responsive -- both on the phone and via email -- throughout the process.  It was rare that he took more than a few hours to respond to every email.

I appreciate his help and I recommend his service.

Richard Hull"

"I was referred to this service by one of our consultants and what a great service it is. All the data came over and the response was quick and top notch. Best money I have spent in a while!

Jan Murphy, UK"

  How does it work?
  • You provide us with a backup of your database
  • We convert the data and then provide you with a .zip file with all the .csv tables.
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