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ACT! To Outlook Conversion

Designed to get your data to Outlook fast and easy, the standard conversion brings over the following data:

  • Contact Data:
    • Business, Home and Other addresses are brought over
    • All phone numbers, including country codes.
    • All Standard fields
    • All ACT! Data that does not have an Outlook equivalent is brought over to Outlook as User Defined Properties, including
      • User 4 - User 15 (if any)
      • Any User Defined Field
    • Group membership: ACT! Contact Group Memberships become Outlook Categories for that contact. Subgroups are separated by a full stop.
  • Notes, History, Sales Opportunities and Secondary Contacts:
    • All notes, histories, sales opportunities and secondary contacts are extracted from ACT! and merged into the Contact's Body Text. This includes history ownership, links to files in the history/notes, secondary contact's details and much more (see video for better understanding on how it looks on the Outlook Contact).
  • Meetings, Calls and User defined activities: These get converted to the Outlook Calendar and are linked to the Contacts. In addition, all contact details are in the calendar's body text.
  • Todo's: All ACT! todo's are converted into Outlook Tasks and linked to the contacts.  In addition, all contact details are in the calendar's body text.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take? In general, it takes about 1 day to convert all the data.
  • When is the best time to have it done? The best time is for you to provide us with the data by 1pm California Time, and we start work on the conversion right away!
  • How much does it cost? The prices are listed on this web page. Just purchase the conversion and we do the rest.
  • How do I get the data to you? Once you purchase, we send you an email with a link to a web page with instructions. Basically, make a backup of your ACT! data and then upload it to a secure area on our site.
  • How long do you keep the data? We keep the data for a period of 1 week. During this week, you must analyze the conversion and contact us if we missed anything. We'll redo the conversion if need be.
  • What is your guarantee? We guarantee that all the data that you have requested to bring over from ACT! to Outlook will be there. Our job is to make sure that no data is lost in the conversion.
  • How long have you been in business? We have been in business for over 10 years.
  • How many conversions do you do? In general, we do about 5 conversions per week.
  • Do you do custom work? Yes, we do. We have written all the software that we use. We can make this software jump hoops if we have to. We use about 20 different custom applications to do our conversions. Name the challenge, and we can do it.
  • How do I download my conversion? Once your conversion is finished, we put all the data into a .zip file and encrypt it. You are then provided with a link to download the file and a separate email is sent with the key to decrypt your file.
  • How do I add the conversion to Outlook? You use Outlook's Data File Management tool to "mount" the .pst file to Outlook. It appears as a separate folder in Outlook. You can then copy all the data to whatever folder you need.
  • Can I share the conversion? We provide you with a .pst file that you can copy between systems or copy it to an exchange folder if you have to.
  • Do I need a Paypal account to purchase your services? No. You can purchase our services without a Paypal account. When you get the purchase screen, click on the left hand side (shown below) and Paypal will process your credit card like a standard card.

Weekend Conversions

We do weekend conversion. You provide us with the data on a Friday afternoon and we have it to you by Sunday evening, all converted.

Here's a couple of items re. weekend conversions.

  • You need to pre-arrange weekend conversions so that we have the correct staff for the conversion.

  • It is your responsibility to get the data to us by Saturday, 10am. If the data does not arrive by that time, your conversion will be delayed until we get the data.

  • It takes 2-3 days to convert the data. The sooner you get the data to us, the faster we will convert.

  • Once you schedule the conversion for the weekend, you may not cancel it or reschedule.

  • There is a 35% reschedule fee.

  • ALL ACT! and Attachments data have to be on our conversion station by 5pm, Friday, before the weekend. Remember, if you have a slow DSL and your data is 2 GB, it may take 24 hours to upload it.

  • You must provide us with 2 phone numbers to call during the weekend in case we have any questions.

  • Express mail. If your data is so large, you can send us the data with courier and it has to be here by 10am on Saturday, the latest.

Just click on the weekend purchase button.

Purchase your ACT! to Outlook Conversion Now

Special Requests

Since the software we use has been developed by us and is maintained by us, we can convert anything into Outlook. Any special requests are welcome and we can provide you with a quote on what it would cost to do it. No request is impossible! Contact us and we'll solve your conversion issues.