Email Address Validator Compatibility
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ACT-To-Outlook Professional is an Addon Product for ACT!. Hence, it requires the user to have ACT! installed in the machine. ACT-To-Outlook Professional is compatible with ACT! 2000 or above.  
ACT! 2000/6.0 compatibility  
ACT-To-Outlook Professional is compatible with the following versions of ACT!:  
·ACT! 2000 with Service Pack or 5.0.3  
·ACT! 6.0 - All versions.  
ACT-To-Outlook Professional may not work with ACT! 2000 without a service pack i.e. build 5.0.0. The programming interface in the original ACT! version has posed problems with ACT-To-Outlook Professional and we suggest that if you are running an original version of ACT!, that you upgrade.  
What to do if you have the original ACT! 5.0.0 build?  
You have to upgrade to ACT! to Version The upgrade may be obtained for free from Download the software (16mb) and execute it.  
From our tests, V has shown to be very reliable.  
How to find out what version/build of ACT! you are running  
To find out what version of ACT! you are running, do the following:  
1.Click on Help->About ACT! on the ACT! Contact Screen  
2.Check the Build Number on the right hand corner of the About Screen. The number of the build has to be higher that 5.0.0.X which is the original release of ACT! 2000.  
Outlook Compatibility  
ACT-To-Outlook Professional is compatible with Outlook 2000 service pack 1 or higher, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.  
Operating System Compatibility
Email Address Validator for ACT! is compatible with the following Windows operating systems:  
·Windows 98  
·Windows 98 - SE  
·Windows Me  
·Windows 2000  
·Windows XP  
·Windows XP Professional  
·Windows Vista