Adding Icons to ACT!
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This option is accessed through the Tools Menu. By enabling/disabling each icon, you can add or remove the icons from the ACT! toolbar for fast access to ACT-To-Outlook Professional features.

Icons and what they represent:
ACT-To-Outlook Professional Icon
This is ACT-To-Outlook Professional's icon. Installing this icon on ACT!'s toolbar allows you to have direct access to the software by simply clicking on the icon.

Convert A2O Stored Group
This icon converts the stored group that is selected using the groups and lookup tab. It will either show the whole main screen of A2O Pro if "Show Main A2O Pro Screen When Converting" is set or it will only indicate to the user when it starts and when it finishes converting when "Show Main.." is unset.

Convert A2O Stored Lookup
This will convert the stored lookup that exists in the Groups and Lookup Tab. It will either show the Main A2O Screen when "Show Main A2O Pro Screen" is set or it will only provide start and finish prompts.

Convert Active Lookup
This icon, when pressed, will start the conversion of the Active Lookup in ACT! i.e. the lookup that the user is currently looking at in ACT!. So you can establish a lookup in ACT!, filter out contacts from the lookup and then convert the lookup. A2O Pro will go through the lookup and establish a selection of the contacts. Consequently, it will convert the contacts. Also, the "The Show Main A2O Pro Screen" will show the main screen while converting (when set) or will only show the start and end of the conversion.
Select and/or Convert Group
This icon will display a tree structure of the groups available in the database. You then select which group you want to convert and then press the convert button. This feature will display the main screen while converting and it unnaffected by the "Show Main Screen" option.
Convert Active Contact
The contact being displayed by ACT! is converted.
Convert Calendar
Only the contacts with which the Current User has calendar items associated with are converted.
Convert All
All the contacts are converted in the database. This option will show the main screen when "Show Main Screen" is set or it will only prompt for the begining and end of the conversion.

In essence, when the "Show Main A2O Pro Screen When Converting" is set, the user gets informed when the conversion begins and end.