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ACT-To-Outlook Professional errors are generally followed by a code and a string that explains the error. From past experience, ACT-To-Outlook Professional generates very few errors once it is setup. The product has been out for over 2 years and we believe that most bugs have either been found or exterminated (literally). Ever so often we get calls re. errors and here is a list of actions you can take to resolve the error:

Errors with retrieving Outlook Folders
This error occurs when you've changed folders in Outlook and ACT-To-Outlook Pro cannot find the default folder. The message is in general:

"ACT-To-Outlook Professional: Error on retrieving Tasks Folder"  
"ACT-To-Outlook Professional: Error on retrieving Contacts Folder"  
"ACT-To-Outlook Professional: Error on retrieving Appointments/Calendar Folder"  
"ACT-To-Outlook Professional: Error on retrieving Journal/Activities Folder"  
"ACT-To-Outlook Professional: Error on retrieving Notes Folder"  
Solution 1
1.Click on the Outlook Folders Tab  
2.Click on the Pick Folder button for each Outlook Folder and select the corresponding Outlook folder.  
3.      Do this for each folder.  
Solution 2
1.Click on File->Retrieve Default Outlook Folders. This will retrieve the Outlook Default Folders into the folders in question and reset them to the default.  


Note: This section is new and we will be expanding it re. any issues with errors with ACT-To-Outlook Professional. Check our online help for any additions and solutions before you contact