Increasing Speed
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One of the major issues with ACT-To-Outlook Professional is speed. Unfortunately, the processing is slow due to 2 major factors:
1.The slow speed of ACT!  
2.The slow speed of Outlook  

In addition, if you are doing processing across a network, the performance will also decrease. Hence, a few things that may make life easier:
·Try to do processing on the local drive as much as possible. Retrieving data across a network is cumbersome and slow.  
·Have Outlook fetch all the email before the processing begins. When Outlook is downloading email, our software cannot access the data structures.  
·Use History Filtering. Convert only the items in History that you want in addition to the using Date Filtering to reduce the amounts of history items being converted/analyzed.  
·Disable Email Retrieval on the Outlook Account.  
·Run the process in the background so that you don't have to be there when converting.  
·When converting to an empty contact folder, disable duplicate checking. That will increase speed by 40%  
·If you have a fixed conversion base, enable the Intelligent Updater and that may increase full conversion speeds by up to 1000%  
Stepwise Conversion Options
From experience and from the latest versions of ACT! and Outlook, we've found that the best way to convert the data is to do it in different steps:
1.Convert the contact data first. Disable all the conversion of todo's, call's, meetings and specially history. Also, disable duplicate checking.  
2.Make sure that the quantity of history records is less than 16,000. Limit their conversion by setting the date filter so that unneccessary history records are not converted. Enable duplicate checking here to convert the records.