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Installation of ACT-To-Outlook Professional is straightforward. The following is needed  
·You'll need approximately 8mb of hard disk space  
·ACT! 2000, build or ACT! 6.0 installed on your system  
·Administrator Privilege if running Windows XP, XP Pro, and 2000  
To install, simply execute the ACT-To-Outlook Professional executable and follow the directions to install the program.  
Once installed, ACT-To-Outlook Professional may be accessed two ways:  
1. Via the ACT! Toolbar  
2.From the windows start menu:  
Click on the Start->Programs->ACT-To-Outlook Professional and you should get the menu below:  
Select the ACT-To-Outlook Professional options and the software will start.  
To Download ACT-To-Outlook Professional  
To download the latest version of ACT-To-Outlook Professional, click here
ACT-To-Outlook Professional Compatibility  
Lists the system with which ACT-To-Outlook Professional is compatible with  
License Registration  
Instructions on the procedures on registering Email Address Validator  
End-User License Agreement