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Outlook Folder Limitation
ACT-To-Outlook Professional limits the number of entries on an Outlook Folder to 12,000. Any entries beyond 12000 items, a new folder is created of the same type and the additional entries are posted to this "overflow" folder. In most cases, this applies primarily to the Journal folder where thousands of ACT! history items are stored. When the Journal folders exceeds 12,000 items, additional folders are created namely Journal1, Journal2 and so on...

Outlook 2000 and 2002 limits the number of entries for folders to 16K. From our experience, if you put more than 12,000 items in a folder, Outlook's performance degrades tremendously and in some cases it even locks up. Hence, we've put a limit of 12,000 items for the folder.

If you happen to have multiple folders that were created during the conversion, you must expand the search path of the Contacts folder to include the additional folders from the conversion. This is done by right clicking over the contact folder and selecting Properties. Then modify the Activities Tab to include the additional folders in the search path. The reason for doing this is to make sure that when you press the Activities Tab that Outlook will search all the proper folders for related activities to the contact.

Duplicates are only checked on the folders that are set. Duplicates are not checked on overflow folders. If you happen to have overflow folders, clean up your database or use a date filter to reduce the size of the folder.

Memory Limitations
ACT-To-Outlook Professional may run out of memory under the following circumstances:
·If you enable History Recording to the Contact Body Text and you have a large number of history records for that contact. This occurs primarily when you are converting My Records or a record that has thousands of history entries. ACT-To-Outlook Professional will save the history into a local temporary file and then read that file to the Outlook contact record. However, if the file is too large, Outlook will run out of memory and the history can't be converted.  
Solution: Either clean up the history in ACT! and erase all old records or set the date filter in ACT-To-Outlook Professional to only pick Activity items after a certain date.