New Features with 6.0
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ACT-To-Outlook Professional 6.0 comes loaded with added features:
·Added Outlook Clean. New tool helps users clean up the mounted folders with the click of a button.  
·New Auto-Mapping Feature. Beyond the standard field map, you can map all the fields from ACT! to Outlook with the click of a button. Auto generation of user defined fields makes this process incredibly easy!!!  
·Groups and Subgroups Processing. Finally, groups and subgroups are processed to the categories field in Outlook  
·Online .PDF Manual.  
·Extended Outlook 2003 and 2007Support.  
·Faster, easier, and better!!!!  

ACT-To-Outlook Professional 5.0 comes loaded with added features:
·Active Lookup and Contact support. Create a lookup in ACT! and then just press a button to convert all the contacts in the lookup, right from the ACT! toolbar.  
·Groups and Lookup support. Select groups from your ACT! database and convert only that group. Also, setup a lookup in ACT-To-Outlook Professional and convert only those contacts.  
·Enhanced Interface. Better interface and easier to use.  
·ACT! Icon Support. Add the conversion actions into your ACT! toolbar.  
·Group Hierarchy Conversion Support. Convert all the groups into Outlook and maintain the hierarchy of all the groups.  
·Customized FileAs Support. Customize the way your contacts are filed in Outlook. Control their Destiny!  
·Enhanced Platform Support. The software now supports Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003.  
·Faster, easier, and better!!!!