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Purchasing ACT-To-Outlook Professional  
To purchase ACT-To-Outlook Professional, click on the Buy/Purchase Button and it will take you to the web site for purchase. When the product is purchased, you receive a license code (some of our partners also call it a Serial Number), indicating that your product has been purchased and paid for.  
ACT-To-Outlook Professional Registration  
When you purchase ACT-To-Outlook Professional, you are provided with a License Number (in some cases it is called a purchase serial number). This number is your proof that you have purchased the product.  
To activate, enter the license in the Registration->License Activation screen. This will register your software with's License Registration Server and enable your product.  
The license provided to you will only work on 1 computer. If you attempt to activate the software on another computer, the license server will not allow that.  
ACT-To-Outlook Professional Registration Problems  
To register, ACT-To-Outlook Professional sends a registration request to a license server. In some cases, this registration request is blocked by a firewall. You'll get a message like "Connection was forcibly interrupted" or "Failed to Connect". When such even happens, do the following:  
1.Clink on the Help->Manual License Registration  
2.Enter the registration details and instructions to activate the product will be sent to you.