Empty Contact Names
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You will receive the screen below if ACT-To-Outlook Professional encounters a contact that has no name. Outlook establishes the basis for all task, calendar, and journal entries via a linking system on the existence of a valid name i.e. a name other than empty. Hence, ACT-To-Outlook Professional checks whether first and last name are set for the contact. When these fields result in empty, the "No name for this contact" dialog appears.

When this dialog appears, you are provided with the contact details via the roll down list and you can take the following actions:
1.You can ignore this contact. ACT-To-Outlook Professional then continues to process the next contact  
2.You can set the name for the contact to be set in Outlook. Enter the name in the name box to enter the new name. You can look through the list and determine what the name of the contact is.  
3.Apply Button. This instructs ACT-To-Outlook Professional to continue processing. Remember, if the blank name contact has any activities, todo's, calendar, or journal entries, they will not be linked to the contact  
4.Cancel Conversion Button. This instructs ACT-To-Outlook Professional to cancel the conversion of the ACT! Database into Outlook.  
5.Do not ask again. Instructs ACT-To-Outlook Professional to continue processing this contact and in the event of another contact being blank named, continue processing.