Activities Tab
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Activities Conversion Options

he Activities Conversion options allows you to convert/update activities that exist in the Notes/History of ACT!.
Activities to Convert  
·To Do's. You can enable or disable conversion of Todo's.  
·Calls. You can enable or disable conversion of calls.  
·Meetings/Appointments. You can enable or disable conversion of meetings.  
·Convert Alarms. This option enables the creation of Outlook alarms for ACT! alarms for todo's, calls, and meetings/appointments. Most ACT! activities tend to have the alarm set but the user has disabled it via either the snooze button or by some other means. The alarm, however, still lingers and will pop-up in Outlook as an item to be be dealt with. Disabling the conversion of the alarm flag, you basically do not activate Outlook alarms. If the database is clean and the activities well maintained, converting alarms should not be a problem. However, if you have lots of old alarms that have not been dealt with, these alarms will popup in Outlook with an annoying speed. Hence, we provide you with the option of converting/not converting the alarms. By default, we do not convert the alarm.  
·History/Notes. Convert all the history and notes for all the contacts into outlook Journal Entries and Notes when applicable.  
oConvert Notes into Journal. This is the recommended option to convert Notes from ACT! to Outlook. ACT-To-Outlook can convert ACT! Notes into Outlook Notes. However, If you prefer to convert the ACT! Notes into Outlook Quick Notes, you may do so.  
oConvert Notes into Body Text. All the selected activities for the contact are converted into the Outlook Body text for the contact form  
·Date Filter. This allows you to filter out activities before a specific date i.e. if you only want ACT-To-Outlook Professional to convert activities that happened after Jan 1, 2002, you set the date here to be Jan 1, 2002 using the provided date picker and consequently no Activity before Jan 1, 2002 will be converted. It allows you to select/deselect what type of history items you want transferred to Outlook. This prevents over populating the Outlook journal with information that may not be necessary (such as field changed history record).  
·Add Name to Activity Subject Line. This option will add the contact's name to the begining of the activity subject line in Outlook. This makes it easier to see with whom an activity is scheduled with.  
·Include Private Activities. This option enable/disables the inclusion of private activities (with the private flag set) to be transferred to Outlook.  
Outlook Forms  
If you use customized outlook forms for Tasks, Activities, and Appointments, enter the form names here.  
History/Notes Dates  
Due to restrictions in Outlook, when a Journal item is created, the date of creation of that item is the day of the execution of ACT-To-Outlook Professional. However, this does not match the ACT! recording date. Hence, when ACT-To-Outlook Professional creates Journal entries, each entry is provided with a custom variable called ACTRecordedDate which can then be used as the date is the design of custom forms.