Why Use ACT-To-Outlook Professional
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ACT-To-Outlook Professional is designed for users that have an active ACT! database and want to transfer data from the ACT! database to the Outlook folders with modifications that make the data in Outlook more accessible and relevant.

Major Features

Ease of Use
Install, and you are ready to go. Merge and folder flexibility allows you to keep your ACT! Contacts updated with your Outlook.

Multi-User Support
ACT-To-Outlook Professional supports ACT! Multi-User configurations and properly converts the activities relating to the currently logged-in user.

PIMs Supported
ACT-To-Outlook Professional supports ACT! 2000 (build and ACT! 6.0. In addition, Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007 are supported.

Field Conversion Capabilities
All the fields in ACT! can be converted, whether they are standard fields or user defined fields. In addition, fields that are mapped to Outlook Custom forms are also converted.

Field Remapping Capabilities
All fields in ACT! can be remapped to Outlook fields, whether these fields exist in Outlook or not. The field remapping is maintained if you exit ACT-To-Outlook Professional.

ACT! Items Converted
The following ACT! Items are converted to Outlook equivalents:
·Todo's - ACT! Todo's are converted into Outlook Tasks with the same time-reoccurring properties.  
·Calls - ACT! Calls are converted into equivalent Outlook Tasks.  
·Meetings - ACT! meetings are converted into Outlook Appointments.  
·History/Notes - All ACT! history items can be converted into Outlook Journal Items with links to the corresponding contacts. In addition, all and any notes, attachments, and files existent in the History is converted into Outlook. History Filtering allows the user to select which history type to convert.  
Selective Conversion
You can convert contacts from a selected list of contacts. Simply choose the contact and all the fields, activities and history are converted into Outlook.

Group Conversion
You can select contacts belonging to an ACT! group and convert only the group.
State-of-the-art duplicate checking
When you first want to convert your ACT! database into an existing Outlook contact folder, we check for corresponding contacts according to the following criteria
·Email Address.  
·First and Last Name and City  
·Company Name and City  

Only when these criteria fail do we create a new contact.

Once the first conversion has been made, ACT-To-Outlook Professional keeps a 1-to-1 match between the ACT! database and the corresponding Outlook item so that no duplicates are ever created.

Outlook Overflow Checking
Due to Outlook's restrictions on the size of the folder (16K items), ACT-To-Outlook Pro will automatically create new folders during the conversion so that Outlook does not crash.

Background Support
Setup ACT-To-Outlook Professional to work in the background at scheduled times using the Windows Scheduler. Let our software do the work when you are not in the system.

Unparalleled Outlook Support
Our close support of Outlook with ACT-To-Outlook Professional allows you to convert ACT! databases to Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003. In addition, No Outlook Security Warnings messages are displayed during the conversion. Simply click on the convert all button and all the data is then converted.

Special Features
ACT-To-Outlook Pro has a wide variety of very attractive features that facilitate the bridge between ACT! and Outlook:
·Merge the multiple address fields from ACT! into Outlook  
·Add the ACT! phone number extension into Outlook equivalent.  
·Remove the country code that comes with the ACT! phone number  
·Format the Phone number for Outlook  
·Selectively convert History and Notes by date and type  
·Filter out todo's, meetings, and calls by date.  
·Unsurpassed reliability.  
Evaluation Period
ACT-To-Outlook Professional provides users with 30 days evaluation or 200 contacts whichever comes first.