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Upload Instructions

Upload a file for data conversion.

Step 1: Creating a backup of your database.

For ACT! all databases: backup the database using the File->Backup feature in ACT! to save the data into a zip file for uploading. If you used a password to secure the database, make sure that you provide us with that password on the form below.

Once you have the zip file, you are ready to upload the database.

Step 2: Uploading the .zip file

  1. If you are uploading an ACT! Database, you must provide us with the database's Administration  Username and Password for us to access the data. This is entered in the in the form below.
  2. Second, upload the file to our web site.

Once the above has been done, we will convert the database and then send you an email with instructions to download the resulting data. Only files with .ZIP or .zip extension are accepted.

While uploading, you will see the "Sending Request to www.ACT-To-Outlook.com" message at the bottom of the browser and when the upload is done, you will be requested to provide the usernames and passwords.

If you have problems uploading, please contact us via the problem report mechanism and we'll provide you support.

Important. Database Preparation Instructions. Please Read below

ACT-To-Outlook.com reserves the right to refuse to perform a conversion of your data. If a conversion is refused, your purchase is automatically refunded to you.

Very, Very Important: You are purchasing a service. The service is for a 1-time conversion of the uploaded data. Additional conversions must be purchased separately. Hence, please follow the directions below:

For ACT! Conversions: Before you upload your ZIP file, make sure of the following:

  • The ZIP file is the result of a backup from ACT! Do not copy and paste into the zip file, specially with post ACT! 2005 releases.
  • The Administration username and password is correct.
  • Test the zip file. We get an incredible number of databases that we cannot restore here. Errors from lack of privilege to corrupt databases is common. Hence, before you send us the database, do the following:
    • Start ACT!
    • Close any database that you have open.
    • Select File->Restore As->Database As option in ACT! and restore the database locally as a different database. If that works, then the zip file is ready to be uploaded.
    • If you cannot create a zip file that can be restored, the only way for us to convert the data is via remote access where we convert the data on your computer. To do that, you must purchase the Remote Conversion option. To purchase, click here.
    • A charge of $295 is automatically applied if you fail to provide us with a database that does not allow us to login with the username and passwords that you have provided us. So please, test the restore as function BEFORE you send us the data.

Outlook Calendar and Tasks Alarms: From our experience, ACT! alarms will only convert over to Outlook if you convert to your local, default folder. Hence, if you want alarms to come over from ACT! to Outlook, you must order the Remote Conversion Option.


  • ACT! to Outlook Conversion. We provide you with a .pst file.
  • ACT! to BCM Conversion: we provide you with a backup of the BCM database we created, the attachments folder, and the calendar for each user in ACT!
  • Other conversions: the deliverable is stated on your conversion page or on the quote we provided you.

Your Name (as listed on your purchase):

Firstname: Lastname:

Your Email Address:

Your Phone Number (In case we have any questions):

The filename of the zipped Database:

Your Order/Tracking/Email Address used for your order: 

Important: Outlook Version Number on Destination Machine: 

Very Important: Your version of ACT!

Administration Username: - We need it to login to the database!

Administration Password: - We need it to login to the database!

Destination Network Attachments Folder:

Your SQL Domain Name: (ACT! To BCM Conversions only)

Any other instructions...

By default, all ACT! user defined fields are brought over to Outlook as User Defined Properties. If you wish us to include, exclude, or re-map any fields, enter the information here.

Note: ACT-To-Outlook.com reserves the right to refuse any current or consequent conversions due to database corruption, invalid user names and passwords, extraneous conversion services, or any other services not covered under the fixed conversion price.

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